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Tooling for Metal Pro™ Ironworkers

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American Punch specializes in tooling for your machine. And because we specialize, we can offer the highest quality in the industry at the lowest cost.

Plus, we keep a large inventory on hand in our Cleveland, Ohio, factory, so stock punches and dies in more than a dozen standard sizes ship the day we receive your order. Non-stock ironworker tooling usually ships within one to two days.

Fabricators who value quality and cost effectiveness rely on American Punch’s in-house expertise and dedication to customer service to deliver the ironworker tooling they need on time and on budget.

Select an option below to request a quote for the punches, dies and tooling you need for your Metal Pro ironworker. Or contact us today by submitting this online form or by calling 800.243.1492 to speak to a knowledgeable sales person.

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Order pairs of punches and dies specific to you ironworker and save money!
Punch Pak tooling
PUNCH #190 DIE #351
1/4" 9/32"
5/16" 11/32"
3/8" 13/32"
7/16" 15/32"
1/2" 17/32"
9/16" 19/32"
5/8" 21/32"
11/16" 23/32"
3/4" 25/32"
13/16" 27/32"
7/8" 29/32"
15/16" 31/32"
1" 1-1/32"