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Tooling for Controlled Auto

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American Punch keeps a large inventory of punches and dies, shear blades and coupling nuts for all Controlled Auto machinery, including beamlines, anglelines, platelines, portable C-frames and duplicators, in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Non-stock items ship in less than 48 hours.

We also handle high-speed drills for Controlled Auto drill lines, and we can design and manufacture custom tooling to meet your needs.

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Punch Pak tooling

ABL-100 143TON 128 346
ABL-100-2 65 TON 163 346
ABL-100-2 115 TON 164 346
ABL-100-2 143TON 128 346
BFC-522, BFC-530, PFP-115 164 347
2AT-175 164 / 166 345/346/347


Controlled Automation Shear Blades