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SHO Punch – High Strength, Wear Resistant Ironworker Punch

The core properties that determine the performance of the punch are toughness, strength and wear resistance. The strength and toughness are critical in preventing cracking and chipping of the punch under severe impact. The wear resistance is what preserves the cutting edge of the punch, maintaining a constant size.

The higher strength and toughness of the SHO punch compared to the properties of standard punches has proven to be more resilient to chipping, resulting in superior performance. In addition the SHO punch has demonstrated a higher wear resistance, consequently reducing both adhesive & abrasive wear.

In the past, some punches have been made from more exotic materials that have outperformed the standard punch, but not as a cost effective alternative. The cost was always significantly higher; therefore the cost per hole was also much higher.

The SHO punch is a different process to the standard punch, resulting in a significant increase in performance with an insignificant increase in price. At the end of the day, the SHO punch has generated as many as 4X more parts on the floor than that of the standard punch. These increase in efficiencies increase your PROFITS!

The SHO punch gives you the BEST opportunity to increase tool life. We make the best punches, but we still need you to do your part in this process, starting with the SET-UP.

  1. Is everything tight?
  2. Is the punch to die clearance correct for material & material thickness?
  3. Is the punch to die alignment good?
  4. Is the stripper adjusted correctly?
  5. Are all safety guards in place?

SHO High Strength Punch